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World Drone Competition 2023

UAV research and development is being conducted globally for a variety of purposes, including industrial applications, disaster response, and lifesaving. The core technologies of UAVs are control systems. Therefore, the academic field of automatic control (IFAC World Congress 2023) and the industrial field of control applications for UAVs are most closely related. During the IFAC world congress 2023 period, a world drone competition is being held to compete for the most advanced UAV systems, propulsion systems, control systems, communication systems, ground control station systems, and integrated technologies, as well as advanced technologies for disaster response and emergency goods transportation. Many teams from all over the world are invited to participate, regardless of whether they are attending the IFAC WC 2023. The winning team will be awarded a certificate of honor by IFAC WC 2023 and a cash prize by ARF.

Mission scenario

A disaster has occurred in Tokyo near Futtsuminato Park, and the drone rescue teams are dispatched from Hakkeijima, Yokohama City on the opposite shore. The therapeutic drugs will be delivered from Yokohama City University Hospital to patients with intractable diseases hospitalized in Futtsu City Hospital. Then, the disaster occurrence situation and damage situation will be surveyed and investigated in detail, and the image and movies will be transmitted to the Disaster Response Headquarters at the takeoff point. In addition, neighboring residents are evacuating to a facility near Futtsuminato Park, and the letters drawn on the ground are identified by aerial photography, and the relief supplies requested by the disaster victims are recognized. Only one aircraft will be used, and it will make a round trip of about 16 km one way from Hakkeijima to Futtsuminato Park, but it will return without refueling or recharging the battery without landing from takeoff to landing. The therapeutic drug delivery location is a specified location in Futtsuminato Park, and the location should be searched from the air and the therapeutic drug will be dropped from the air at this specified location. However, in order to avoid collision with vegetation such as trees, the GNSS altitude must be maintained at 30m or more even when dropped.

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